Quantity Take Off

We offer meticulous Quantity Take Off services employing advanced software such as Bluebeam and Planswift that ensure precise material and cost estimates thus optimizing project efficiency. Our advanced tools streamline the process, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency in project planning and execution.

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QTO Services

Accurate quantity take-off services by our engineering services team streamline your project cost estimation, ensuring precision and efficiency in construction planning. Enhance your project management with our expertise.

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JESi Customer Portal

Using JESi, our all-in-one project management portal designed to elevate collaboration and streamline project workflows. With our user-friendly interface, clients can effortlessly upload project files, ensuring seamless communication and file sharing. 

Effortless File Uploads: 

Our platform allows clients to upload project files with ease, eliminating the hassle of traditional methods. Effortlessly share documents, plans, and specifications to keep everyone on the same page.

Live Chat for Instant Clarity: 

Need immediate clarification? Our live chat feature enables real-time communication between clients and our team of engineers. Instantly address queries, seek clarifications, and discuss project specifics without delays.

Real-time Project Status Updates: 

Stay informed about project progress at all times. Our portal provides real-time status updates, ensuring transparency and allowing clients to track milestones, deadlines, and developments effortlessly.

Transparent Communication Tracking:   

Keep an eye on the communication history between clients and our engineers. Monitor the activity log to review discussions, decisions, and actions taken, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.



Tools Used

These are the major tools we used for Engineering & design building services